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Monday, March 29, 2021

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1/2/2021 - We still haven't moved!

We've again renewed our lease, so we're staying put here in Horsham. Stop by and see us!

3/09/2020 - We haven't moved!

Earlier this year, we renewed our lease; we're staying put here in Horsham. (Directions to our office can be found here.) We're fortunate to have room to grow, since we've hired three new developers so far this year. Our client list continues to grow!

5/30/2003 - New website.

Finally, our site was given an overdue facelift. We hope you find it useful. Comments are always welcome; you can give us your feedback here.

7/30/2001 - We've moved!

After more than a decade in the old barn in Spring House, JMI moved into a newer and larger facility in Horsham. Directions to our new location can be found here. Please note our new telephone number (215-293-9221) and fax number (215-293-9269). All friends are welcome to stop by!

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